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After someone has had a chance to settle in at the mission we can start to peel back the layers in their life, discovering what ultimately brought them here. We try to address underlying issues and focus on specific obstacles in order to help them reverse course.

New Life Program

Our New Life Recovery Program focuses on addiction recovery. This 13 month in-house program concentrates on relapse prevention and providing tools to live an alcohol and drug-free life. The program ministers to the whole person, addressing spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social aspects.

Case management Program

Case management is a client driven program where client and case manager work together to set long-term goals based on each client's individual needs. These are then broken down into specific, smaller, more manageable weekly objectives.

The underlying premise is that everyone benefits when clients reach their optimum level of physical and mental wellness, self-management, functional capability, spiritual development, and church engagement.

Areas of focus:

Spiritual, Employment, Housing, Financial, Childcare, Education, Language, Legal, Transportation, Mental Health, After Care, Mentoring, Health, Recovery.