What We Do

page-image-whatwedo-rrr.pngJust about everyone in and around the Tri-Cities has heard of "the Mission", but how many folks really "know" what we do? You may know someone who has come to us for help in a time of need. Maybe you've donated clothing or money or some other resource to us in the past. Or maybe you're like the growing number of folks we run into who are just interested in knowing more about what we do and how we do it. Well, this page is for you!

The Mission offers the following services to our community.



Food, Shelter, Clothing, Health Needs, Safe Loving Community

Rescue is all about meeting immediate needs; food, clothes, a shower, a bed to sleep in. When someone comes through our doors, addressing these needs is the first priority.


Life Transforming Programs, Counseling & Mentoring, Work, Accountability, Responsibility

After someone has been at the Mission for a while, they've settled in, they can breath a little bit, they're feeling better about themselves, then you can start peeling back the layers in their life and what actually brought them to the Mission. We try to address those underlying issues and start working on dealing with some obstacles and some of the things in their life that brought them to the Mission and helping them reverse course.


Life Skills & Education, Housing & Jobs, Community Connection

Restoration is really about getting people established back in our community. That's helping them with job searches, resume writing, interviewing, and once they get a job, helping them with housing. We also try and get them connected with a local church so they will have a support group, a circle of people that they can connect with once they are away from the Mission.

  • Aftercare Program