The Need


Breaking down the need in Tri Cities and South East Washington

The Mission is located in the Tri Cities, but serves people from all over south east WA, where the need is growing each year. Below are some statistics to help better understand the needs and people the Mission serves.

  • 2,082 unsheltered homeless individuals in south east WA recorded on a single day point-in-time count
  • 644 considered chronically homeless
  • 232 with chronic substance abuse issues
  • 158 homeless veterans
  • Over 30,000 live below the poverty line - many a paycheck away from being homeless
  • Over 800 homeless children reported in Benton and Franklin counties alone


The Impact

 It's easy to focus only on the need because it's overwhelming, but the Lord has used the Mission to provide impact in many peoples lives. Below is just some of the impact we have seen just last year.


Want to help address the need?

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