page-image-jennifer.jpg"I live at the Women's shelter with my two-week-old son Adalberto. About fourteen years ago I accepted Christ. My family was not well grounded in church or in their walk with Christ. There was no a leader in the family to lead in the way of God." Consequently, Jennifer has not flourished spiritually. But God worked in Jennifer's life without her being aware of His effort.

"Challenging circumstances presented me with a decision to either bring my family to the Mission or find another option void of spiritual influence."

The Lord awakened within Jennifer a hunger for more than what she had.

"I soon realized that I had a hunger for a spiritual influence." Therefore, along with her daughters, two-year-old Abigail, four-year-old Izabel and little Adalberto in her tummy, Jennifer came to the Mission.

"Now the Mission has provided me with the opportunity to meet people of faith. I am receiving spiritual guidance and encouragement. I have begun to live as Jesus would want me to live." Jennifer is thankful that her family's immediate needs have been met such as diapers, clothes and hygiene items. But she points to the power of prayer as being most important.

When asked what the future holds, Jennifer points to the need for housing, a job, lasting relationship with faith-based friends and leading her family in spiritual walk with the Lord.